Rhinebeck is almost here!

Rhinebeck is almost here!

Posted by Jean Elizabeth Glass on Oct 15th 2017

So, we had to to switch internet providers and, sadly, one of the casualties was the old blog posts. We are still exploring ways to make them available, and if we find a way, you all will the next to know!

Right now, however, we are in midst of preparing for Rhinebeck!

First, in order to make space for our new items, last year's shawl kits, Tinkerbells and Cathedral, will be on sale online until we run out of kits! 

We are getting 3 new shawls kitted up for you and they will be available only through Bead Biz for the next year!

Nymphaea Shawl

Cascading zigzags evoke wind on the water, interspersed with floral shell lace bands.

Knit or crochet? It's your choice! 

We have commissioned this shawl to use our Bead Sampler Kits in a lovely shawl that has both knit and crochet instructions. 

Choose Michele Bernstein's knitted version 


or Laurinda Redding's crochet version! 

Both come paired with June Pryce hand-dyed merino/cashmere/nylon superwash fingering weight yarn. But what about the colorways? Glad you asked!

Here is a preview of some of the colorways.

Completely yummy

But Wait! There's more!

This year we've decided to feature 3 shawls!

Ready for challenge? 

Knit Ice Rain! 

This new pattern by Kristi Holaas has 1000 beads in the body of the shawl and 20-40 magatama beads along the edge. It is as beautiful as it is complicated. This is your year to be adventurous, so give this Bead Biz exclusive a whirl!

And you'd like a preview of the colorways?

OK, just this once ;)

No matter which kit you choose, you get the pattern, the yarn, the beads, and our amazing kit kit bag!

We can't wait to see you at Rhinebeck Building B Space 4!